Life Basics Organics Reinvents Traditional Teas from Around the World

Life Basics Organics is a line of premium iced teas that reinvent traditional teas from around the world. Our spices are always organic and non-GMO and come from the highest quality sources. We sweeten our teas with pure, organic mono-floral honey.

Traditional Tea Blends

Wellness & Lifestyle

We believe that healthy food plays an important role in overall wellness. We are about inspiring people to lead healthy lives, providing delicious-tasting, traditional beverages with real ingredients so they can continue to feel their absolute and perform optimally.

Whether you aim to eliminate coffee or are a cold-pressed juice lover or a regular tea drinker, you’ll be sure to get a boost of energy from the natural caffeine found in our organic herbal, black and green tea blends. Our teas are packed with antioxidants.

Natural health leaders in our community are choosing Life Basics Organics. From yoga teachers to ayurvedic practitioners, health conscious people who are not willing to compromise on the quality of their food are choosing Life Basics to fuel their lifestyles

Bee Friendly

All of our products go beyond certified Organic & non-GMO; they are Bee Friendly; that means 100% certified Organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade, pesticide free, and chemical free. We have visited the source of every single one of our product ingredients to ensure Bee Friendly standards, because we understand the importance of honey bees.

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