Life Basics Organics Launches Bee Friendly Funding to Take Bottled Traditional Teas to National Level

Funds will help Life Basics Organics introduce 16oz bottles and fulfill national orders.

Life Basics Organics, creators of organic tea beverages that reinvent traditional teas from around the world, launched a national crowdfunding campaign today to take their premium iced teas to the national level in new 16oz bottles. Titled “Bee Friendly Funding”, the campaign is aimed at bringing awareness to the importance of bees while encouraging community-funding of an ethical food startup bringing distinctive, bottled traditional teas to communities around the United States.

Co-founders Indra and Sushma Chatterjee started building Life Basics Organics without knowing it, over ten years ago, while traveling the world and witnessing the impact that local food traditions can have on a community. After a life-changing tragedy, Indra and Sushma reinvented their lifestyles, and began experimenting in their home kitchen with ancient food and drink recipes they had discovered abroad. In 2014, with their first baby on the way, they left their corporate careers to reinvent traditional teas from around the world and risk it all on Life Basics Organics.

The husband and wife team introduced their tea beverages at the Word Tea Expo in early 2015 and were nominated for the “Best New Product of the Year” award in the “Tea as an Ingredient” category. Today, Life Basics Organics teas are selling in premium grocers in the Midwest including Whole Foods Market, Eataly Chicago, Mrs Greens, Green Grocer, Local Foods Chicago, The Goddess & Grocer, and more. The startup is active in the community, serving teas at events ranging from yoga classes in parks to intimate workshops at holistic wellness centers.

Health-driven consumers are searching for beverages with good-for-you ingredients to support their overall wellness and are turning to quality products crafted with care. Today, you’ll find a wide selection of organic and non-GMO beverages in everything from cold pressed juice to kombucha to sports and energy drinks. Life Basics Organics is one of the most distinctive tea choices on the market today, crafted for the health conscious consumer.

"Premium beverages like Harmless Harvest coconut water have successfully paved the way for us,” says Co-founder Indra Chatterjee. "When they introduced 16oz coconut water products at $4-5 per bottle, people thought they were crazy, but we learned that people who care about their wellness are willing to pay a fair price for higher quality beverages.”

Life Basics Organics teas stand out in the marketplace with seven distinct tea choices:

    •    The Original Turkish Tea - sweet black tea with pomegranate juice
    •    The Original Persian Tea - refreshing black tea with turmeric
    •    The Original Brazilian Tea - spicy yerba mate with rainforest spices
    •    The Original Indian Tea - stimulating Masala Chai black tea with Indian spices
    •    The Original English Tea - smooth black tea with smoky finish
    •    The Original Thai Tea - tropical black tea with hints of vanilla
    •    The Original Mandarin Tea - smoky Wulu Green Tea with ginger

No more fishing out of a bottle among hundreds of (artificial?) flavors in the tea aisle. Inspired by recipes passed down for generations, each Life Basics Organics product has a rich tradition and is crafted with principle and care. The company adheres to a strict food quality standard - Bee Friendly - a commitment that goes beyond the organic certification. 

“Bee Friendly means that every ingredient in our products is 100% organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade (when applicable), and pesticide free,” says Co-founder Sushma Chatterjee. “We have personally visited every single source of our ingredients to ensure that our products are truly clean. We dedicate a portion of our earnings on efforts to save the bees and actively work with bee farmers in the Midwest to move bee colonies away from corn and soy fields."

Life Basics Organics is calling on the community to reach a $60,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, offering perks ranging from Bee Friendly stickers to Work+Shelter organic cotton totes and tees to Life Basics Organics teas to a 30-day cleanse to limited-edition opportunities including a behind-the-scenes Startup Experience and a chance to get inside the Founder's Circle. The company encourages supporters to help spread the word to save the bees. 

The campaign will be active from 10/13/15 until 11/22/15.

Find the campaign here: