Green tea is known to:

  • Increase metabolism by intensifying levels of fat oxidation and increasing rate of turning food into calories,
  • Help regulate glucose levels and slow the rise of blood sugar after eating,
  • Help blood vessels stay relaxed and better withstand changes in blood pressure,
  • Kill cancer cells without damaging health tissue around them,
  • Improve ration of good to bad cholesterol,
  • Protect brain cells from dying off and restore damaged brain cells,
  • Limit tooth decay and prevent bacteria & viruses that can cause throat & dental conditions,
  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure,
  • Provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect, and
  • Serve as antibacterial and anti fungal agent and inhibit the spread of many diseases.


Life Basics Organics makes no claims on health benefits associated with consuming our products but we use 100% bee friendly ingredients - organic, non-GMO, and beyond - that are known to support a wise conscious lifestyle.