Black tea is known to:

  • Protect cells from DNA damage often associated with toxic chemical consumption 
  • Decrease the risk of some cancers in men and women including lung cancer
  • Soothe the digestive track and relieve symptoms of gastric and intestinal illnesses
  • Boost the immune system and protect you from influenza and other common viruses
  • Reduce plaque formation and restrict bacteria growth; prevent cavities & tooth decay
  • Lower the risk of heart attack, clogged arteries, and stroke
  • Increase energy levels without over-stimulating the heart
  • Increase focus, and concentration by increasing blood flow to the brain
  • Help you relax by decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Stimulate your metabolism, respiratory system, heart, and kidneys
  • Strengthen bones and reduce the risk of developing arthritis


Life Basics Organics makes no claims on health benefits associated with consuming our products but we use 100% bee friendly ingredients - organic, non-GMO, and beyond - that are known to support a wise conscious lifestyle.