How We Went from Corporate Careers to Health Food Pioneers After Tragedy Changed Us

Indra Chatterjee and Sushma Chatterjee, Founders of Life Basics Organics

Indra Chatterjee and Sushma Chatterjee, Founders of Life Basics Organics

2002-2006: Travel & Tradition

During our decade-long corporate careers, we traveled the world and experienced the incredible beauty and diversity of humanity and planet earth. We explored destinations far and wide, discovering and learning about traditional food, drinks, and rituals known by locals to support a health conscious lifestyle.

We witnessed the impact that food traditions can have on a community; often serving a greater purpose; uplifting wellness, wisdom, and connection with friends and family. We developed a rich appreciation for traditional wisdom and a true passion for health and wellness. But the adventures wouldn't last forever; reality would strike with a blow.

2006-2012: Tragedy & New Life

In 2006, our lives came to a screeching halt; my mother was diagnosed with cancer. We turned over every rock to try and help her heal, but traditional health care treatment seemed to do more harm than good. After a painful 3-year battle, we lost my mom to cancer. It was somewhere in this deep pain that we found an even deeper courage.

Our search for answers led us to new lifestyle practices; juicing, clean eating, cleansing, and beyond. We didn't want to brag about it and do nothing. We wanted to put our discoveries and experience to work.

2012-2014: Commitment to Purpose

We began to host free seminars in our local community to educate friends and neighbors on juicing, clean eating and healthy food choices. We would talk about our travels and the traditions we learned and share new knowledge from our recent battles. One day, while preparing for a health seminar, we discovered a treasure; our old travel journals.

We had collected hundreds of recipes and food experiences from around the world. We captured a small roadside tea room experience in Turkey, a traditional coffee roasting experience in Guatemala, a homemade pasta experience in Italy, and many more.

These food experiences were beyond flavor and function. Each food tradition has a story, passed down for centuries. From the spicy mate in the Amazon Rainforest to the Wulu Green Tea in the mountains of Central China, each food and drink is designed to support a wise conscious lifestyle, we experienced the knowledge and wisdom of historical drinks. We wanted to try these traditions for ourselves. So we put our favorite recipes to the test in our home kitchen. They were delicious.

But we wanted to do more more...

2014-2015: Mission & Vision

We wanted to create something good for all. We wanted to combine the wisdom of food traditions with modern day knowledge and resources to create products that uplift the wellness, wisdom and consciousness of humanity. Our vision became clear; to bring the world's wisest food traditions to communities around the world, starting with iced tea blends in our hometown, Chicago.

Life Basics Organics was born--->