Life Basics Organics teas are a line of premium iced tea products based on traditional tea blends from around the world. We are aiming to reinvent the wisest health drinks on earth and bring our organic and non-GMO products to your community.

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The Original Turkish Tea

black tea with pomegranate Juice

The Original Turkish Tea is a sweet pomegranate black tea based on a traditional tea we discovered in a roadside tea room on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

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The Royal Persian Tea

black tea with turmeric

The Original Persian Tea is a turmeric black tea that we discovered is an everyday family favorite in households throughout the Lahijan region of Iran. 

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The Original Brazilian Tea

Yerba mate with brazilian spices

The Original Brazilian Tea is a spicy yerba mate blend based on a traditional Brazilian drink that is part of the Amazon Rainforest conservation movement in Latin America.

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The Original Thai Tea

Black Tea with Vanilla

The Original Thai Tea is a strong tropical black tea with a warm vanilla finish, based on a popular traditional health drink from Thailand called Cha Yen.

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The Original English Tea


The Original English Tea is a full-leaf black tea with honey and lemon based on an ancient, traditional English tea blend.

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The Original Indian Tea

Black Tea with Indian Spices

The Original Indian Tea is a robust and stimulating black tea with Indian spices based on a traditional Indian tea drink called Masala Chai. 

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The Original Mandarin Tea

Green Tea with ginger

The Original Mandarin Tea is a bright green tea with ginger and aromas of roasted chestnut, based on the classic Chinese drink, Wulu Green Tea.

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Reinventing the food product quality standard.


We believe honeybees are essential to life on earth. We made it a mission of ours to create products that are 100% Bee Friendly, creating a new food quality standard by using ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade, and chemical free.

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