How loud should speakers be for a party?

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Sound pollution has become a real problem in this era. We have to be more responsible to save our environment. Most of the government has announced a legal dB level for every sound in their country. More or less, the safe dB levels are the same worldwide. At every party we need speakers. But how loud should party speakers be? This article is all about this question. In this article, I am going to discuss the safe dB level of speakers for parties.

First, we have to know a bit about the dB level. So, let’s start.

What is dB level?

The complete form of dB is decibel which is the unit of sound. The dB levels are used to measure the loudness of any sound. Every sound has its dB level. For safe hearing, the normal dB range should be 70 to 75 dB. In this sound range, every sound is safe for our hearing and our environment also. Now, we have to know that in indoor and outdoor, the dB levels are different.

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Different dB levels for indoors and outdoors for parties

According to physics, sound travels in a waveform. Therefore, the loudness or intensity of sound waves decreases as it crosses a long way or distance. For example, a short sound wave gives the loudest sound but traveling a long distance in a medium, the weave wavelength increases, so the intensity of the sound decreases. Indoors, sound has a limited area to travel, so the intensity or loudness is higher indoors than the outdoors, as outdoors has a larger size. So, the safe dB level differs from indoor to outdoor. I am going to discuss this below.

Indoor parties

In indoor parties, sound waves have a limited area to cover, and the sound waves bounce off as they come into contact with any object like walls, ceiling, doors, and other things. So, the intensity of the sound becomes much higher than average. So, the safe dB level lies between 70 to 85 dB indoors.

Outdoor parties

In outdoor parties, sound waves can travel a very long path, so the loudness of the sound becomes quieter. As a result, the safe dB level in the outdoors lies between 110 to 120 dB.

So, at parties, the type of speaker you should use depends on the party’s venue. Wherever you want to arrange your party, choose your party speakers according to the safe Db level. It should not cross the safe hearing loudness level.

There are also two types of speakers that you can use for your parties.

Do not mix Gain with dB level

Most people think that gain and dB level is the same. When we raise the volume high, the gain increases. Gain and dB level collectively increase the noise. The gain decides how fast the Input picks up the sound. High gain results in a loud output. The audible output often decreases the quality of sound. So, be sensitive with the gain knob.

This is all about loudness and speakers. I hope I have given you enough information to solve your query. Unless you have a singing consort, try to maintain a safe hearing level. It will be good for your health as well as the environment.